“…a perfect active birth…used loads of moves from the yoga birthing workshop…then the last stage in the birth pool…I can never thank you enough for prepping me yogi-style…”

Naomi, Hackney July 2015




“…we stayed active throughout [the birth]…once the contractions kicked in we did all the exercises- I took my yoga mat to the hospital-.and breathing ujjiye breath got me through the first phase of contractions then it was golden thread breath for the rest…my partner helped to deliver the little fella! Thank you so much for everything. I couldn’t have done it without your positivity, expertise and classes…”

Lucy, Stoke Newington, August 2015



“…I’ve been having private lessons with Amanda for about six months now and am astonished at the difference it’s made to me….my flexibility and general sense of well-being have definitely increased….I’d never done yoga before and wasn’t really sure what to expect…Amanda is a great teacher and encourages me to push myself a little further each time…as a sixty year old man I’m delighted to have discovered the benefits of yoga…especially when taught by such a good teacher…

Steve, Hackney, September 2015



…having private lessons has transformed my approach to yoga….in the past I’ve started classes but after a while have found excuses to not go, especially on wet winter evenings! Now I really look forward to Amanda coming to my home and my practice has gone beyond anything I thought was possible for myself….my flexibility has increased enormously…Amanda is such a great teacher, always adapting the practice to suit what I need in the moment…I can’t rate her highly enough…”

Chrissy, Hackney, September 2015